Don’t Make It Hard For Your Customers To LIKE (or FOLLOW) You

Philippine brands have started embracing the idea of social media presence last year. We now see almost all the major brands put up Facebook fanpages and for some, Twitter accounts. As an obvious next step, they are now integrating social media elements onto their traditional media advertising. TVCs have begun placing “Like us on Facebook” end-frames onto their 30-seconders. Print and billboard advertisers are now also including the globally recognized “F” and “T” Facebook and Twitter icons on thier prints with the call to action “Find Us on Facebook” or “Follow us on Twitter.”

Sunsilk has actually taken this a step further by dedicating a full 30-second TVC for their Facebook Page “Sunsilk Hair Experts.” (See Video Below)

While this is most definitely a welcome development for digital marketers and brands, this practice can be further improved by phrasing the call to actions effectively. I believe that the phrase “Find us on Facebook” particularly ineefective. This is for the reason that it would entail an extra-step for the consumer in Liking your page on the social networking site.

I'm sorry, where?

Also, this is a bit risky because they might be led to a unofficial Facebook account or worse, your competitors Facebook page. What I believe is more effective is including the official url of your Facebook page like or in the case of Twitter, your actual Twitter handle – @brandname.

This is the same reason that in websites, “Like box” widgets enable you to Like the brand’s Facebook page without actually leaving the site (provided your logged-on on another tab, which is most often the case). Doing these would ensure that you maximize your call to actions by allowing your customers to connect with you at the least possible effort and in clearer terms.



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