“Birds” Bowl: How The Number One Mobile Game App Capitalized On the Super Bowl

There is no question that the Super Bowl is advertising’s biggest night of the year. This game coverage of what is arguably the biggest annual sporting event in the world has been called over and again, the “Mecca of Advertising.”

Image by Potyike via Flickr

Bird angry at "Angry Birds"

One of the most interesting ‘firsts’ in this year’s Super Bowl line of ads is the much-talked about cross-promotion of the ‘Angry Birds‘ app game in the trailer of the upcoming movie “Rio.” The 30-second trailer hid a ‘clue’ to unlocking a hidden “Rio” and

Super Bowl-themed level in the game. Of course, Rovio hyped the whole cross-promotion prior to game night for viewers to anticipate the hidden clue. This kept the social web abuzz about the ad before it was even aired. One thing was for sure though: the clue was brilliantly hidden. This made the ad still relevant after its airing because people would want to watch over and over again to find the clue.

VIDEO (See if you can find the clue)

I won’t spoil the fun for you guys and point to where the clue is. (Although its on the 26-second-mark)

This cross-promotion between TV, film and mobile was very effective for the following reasons:

1) Since the clue was very well-hidden, the ad generated buzz even after it was aired that made people want to view it again hence, stretching the number of impressions it could generate on the TV (It generated 111million viewers) . The ad was immediately available on the official Rio YouTube channel making it easy for people to find it again and share it, thereby upping its viral potential. As of this writing, the “official”video had a whopping 550,000++ views which can be translated to additional impressions.

2) The ad, by creating buzz before and after the game, obviously drove new downloads to the app and probably reinstalls because people just want to try the new levels out for themselves. Before the Superbowl, the app had already been booted from the top downloads from iTunes and after the game 2 of its versions are on the top 1 and 5 spots, respectively.

3) This is good publicity for the movie. This stint definitely made the movie on top-of-mind of movie-goers. However, we will have to see how it will fare on the box-offices.

To summarize, this move from Rovio and the movie “Rio” is a win-win marketing tactic for all. They got good publicity and more downloads while the consumers were treated to an entertaining ad plus an exciting time playing the game.


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