Globe Telecom: Frustrated Fans. Funny Comments. Fantastic FB marketing!

Sa Globe: Pwede

Last Wednesday (Feb 16), @enjoyglobe’s Twitter account and Globe Telecom‘s official Facebook page hinted that a group of 10 people would have a chance in winning instant gift certificates and movie passes in an upcoming promo of Globe Telecom in relation to their “Super Pwede” product.

This of course generated buzz among its 2,291 followers.  The mechanics, as advertised in Globe Telecom’s official Facebook page were pretty simple: Form a group of ten friends and change your profile pic into any letter in the word “SUPERPWEDE” and post a comment on the photo featuring their Super Pwede Photo Chain poster between 5pm to 6pm. The prizes were attractive enough also: 2 movie tickets, 3,000 shopping GC, and 1,000 food GC for EVERY group member. Simple, right? Pwede? Pwede. Not.

SUPER.. pwede?

Although the post generated a decent amount of ‘entries’ of 2,500++ comments, the execution was not as simple as one thought. After hurdling the challenge of having a group of 10 formed with proper letter assignments, one must ensure that all 10 post their comments in unison and absolute coordination. That is very difficult becuase the 3 or 4 seconds needed for you to post your comment could mean also that someone, somewhere is posting as well. And one cannot really control that. There were numerous of irate and frustrated comments on the screen which made monitoring the entire activity very entertaining. There were also a handful of attention-seekers who would just post a comment, totally not-related, without having a letter on their profile pic which will just break the chain that was very difficult to form. A lot actually asked for people to sacrfice and delete their posts if it broke the chain, but quite frankly, that is very uncharacteristic of a Filipino. Of course, everybody wants to win.

Sample Photo Chain

Simple Sample? Nope.

I believe that Globe anticipated this type of response from their loyal fans. They knew that it would be very difficult to the point of frustration. However, what they wanted was to create engagement among their fans and give the product “SUPERPWEDE” a good recall. Well, they can certainly afford to have a handful of their fans to be frustrated and probably irrate. Globe has a very strong brand equity and those little roadblocks will not hinder a greater number of fans to keep participating. Overall, I hail the Facebook marketing tactic as very innovative, entertaining, and engaging.

The Funny, Frustrated and the Fantastic.

On a side-note, one can see a simplistic snapshot of the Filipino culture in the entire exercise. The lack of unity, selfishness, and a heightened sense of what we call the crab mentality. Funny.

BTW, the closest they got was “SUPERPWE” which is 2 letters short.


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