About the Author

Image by Ryan Andaya

I started blogging during the time when Angelfire.com (1999) was the hippest place on the net to build a free website. During this time, I blogged about random things from my teenlife and used the web as an avenue to publish my now defunct teen poetry. I used to cut and paste html codes from other sites to re-create the look I want for my own.

Then when I reached high-school, I moved to pre-Yahoo.com Geocities.com where I built another website called “EDGED-OUT.” It basically had the same theme as my first website only then, I was blogging more deep emo stuff. (Ahh. Highschool life.) In college, I moved to Multiply (before it became an online-Divisoria) and expressed myself more elaborately through various essays and opinion pieces to compliment my writing-gig at my school publication. My friends and I also started a group blog called “Mendiola: Where Lives Intertwine” to collate our sappyness and pre-adult sentiments.

All of those are now inactive. Somewhere in between growing-up and having a real job, I lost the drive to blog and maintain my online presence. Now, I am back. Back with a vision and now more equipped than ever. Coupled with my passion for my profession (marketing, sales) and my inner-geekiness (web, mobile, tech) I am again bravely journeying this new Blogosphere landscape.
Join me in my vision and engage in my mission. This is a ride we will go through together.

I ENVISION A Better Philippines who uses technology and the web for nation-building and gaining global competitiveness.

I ENVISION a Philippine marketing industry who is abreast with the latest technologies and web tools and using them in the most efficient manner. A rich combination of the natural Filipino creativity and the latest in new media.

This blog is my mission.

EJ or Edge was born on the last few weeks of the Marcos regime and was baptised during the EDSA Revolution. He first accessed the Internet back in 1997 and was hooked to it ever-since. He graduated with a degree of Marketing and Corporate Communications and was Editor-in-Chief of the school’s 65-year-old publication. He joined his first social-network, Frienster back in 2003, Facebook in 2006, and Twitter in 2008.