Never Lose Your Edge

Image by Ryan Andaya

My personal philosophy is simple. It can be summed up in the words “never lose your edge.”

How I came up with such is a funny story which involves regional stereotyping and some silly (yet true) epiphany. But nevertheless, I’ve held on to those five words for as far as I can remember.

You see, I believe that everyone is unique. Unfortunately, not many of us realize this. Further, not everyone of us understand and know ourselves well enough to pin-point that one or few things that make us unique individuals. Hence, I have always challenged myself to constantly find that defining ‘edge’ that makes me special. I believe that this ‘edge’, once identified will not only make us stand out among the rest or successful in our respective endeavors; it will, more importantly, make us satisfied and fulfilled.

It is paramount that once we find this defining ‘edge’ of ours that we hold on to it and never, ever lose it. If so, we might as well have lost our essence as an individual and our existence, reduced to becoming part of the boring collective.

Please do not confuse this as a case of superiority complex or arrogance. As a matter of fact, I believe that once we realize that each of us has his own ‘edge’, we start to appreciate and respect our peers more. We do not look down or look up to someone, we look at that someone as who they really are.

That, my friends, is the Edge Philosophy. You may or may not agree with it. It’s up top you. Quite frankly, I do not care.

So dear reader, what is your ‘edge’?