The Digital Edge

Taken from: the first half of 2010, the Philippines had an as estimated population of 99,900,177. Out of this almost 30% (29.7M) have internet access. However, when we look at the top countries in the world on Facebook users, we find ourselves at the very top of the leaderboard at number 5. (21.7M) That’s a bit surprising considering the fact that we rank only number 17 in the number of internet users in the world. Being the fifth country in Facebook usage, most of us equate the internet with Facebook. As Jim Ayson similarly puts it, “For a lot of people, Facebook is the Internet.”

There’s more. According to Alexa, We also rank highly in the number of Twitter traffic in the world at number 8. Further, we rank fifth in the world as the country who visits YouTube the most. 90% of Filipino internet users have read a blog and almost all have watched an online video.

These are whopping stats for a small third world country whose internet conenction is classified as “below today’s application requirements.”

What does this all mean?

It means that our countrymen embraces technology more than most countries. We love the internet and we enjoy every single part of it – especially social media. This is a clear reflection of our culture as a people. A people who are naturally socialble and interactive to one another.

Unfortunately, these are just numbers. Promising but empty. That’s because, we have not yet found our Digital Edge. We, as a country, shoud use these behavioural statistics for the advancement of our nation and of our culture. That’s my vision. That is the essence of this blog. To challenge ourselves to use technology for the betterment of our nation. To improve us a country. To improve ourselves.